About Us

About the Club

The club in Mill Hill opened in February 2023 by Jerome De Silva.
He wants to teach his students with the same dedication and passion that he was taught, and endeavours to bring them to a level of being Martial Complete, which in his mind is a balance of traditional principles, precepts, values and art, coupled with the pragmatism and the understanding of applying their skills.
Jerome DeSilva endeavours to keep challenging himself and his students, while ensuring all the time that enjoyment is had. What he loves about the class and students who train is the genuine lack of ego, where everyone helps each other and we all learn together. This in his mind has helped build a solid foundation of community and family which is something we pride ourselves on.

Beginning Training

We understand that for beginners, attending your first training session can be an intimidating experience, as one does not know quite what to expect. It is worth remembering that everybody has shared this same initial experience, and it is therefore our aim to make newcomers feel as welcome as possible. Our classes are mixed groups, with students of all ages and abilities.
The first training session is free of charge so that you can determine whether this martial art and the teaching style are what you’re looking for. When attending your first class you should wear loose comfortable trousers and a T-shirt, we train bare foot so no footwear is required. Jewellery should not be worn and those items which cannot be removed should be taped over for safety. Those with long hair should have it tied up. Also ensure you bring some water with you.
Because Nam Pai Chuan is such a broad style, no two classes are ever exactly the same. However, there is consistency in that the underlying principles on which the style is based are always being developed through the various methods taught.
Training often begins with warming up exercises aimed at improving strength, aerobic fitness and increasing flexibility. The best part of training time will then be spent focused on individual skill sets either as a whole class, split up into smaller groups, or paired with a training partner. Practice commonly includes traditional forms, prearranged sequences, hard and soft chi kung, sensitivity exercises, chin na, padwork, practical self defence, body conditioning, free sparring, groundwork, classical weapons, and much more. The syllabus is challenging but rewarding.
Our classes are ongoing throughout the year with the exception of a short break over the Christmas period. As a matter of courtesy, please contact the instructor before attending your first class.

Class Details

Eversfield Centre
11 Eversfield Gardens
Mill Hill


16:30-17:30: 5-11 years old

17:30-18:30: 12 years old to adults

Your first class is free. Prices are different for children and adults’ classes. Please call or email us for details.

    07961 980 674